We offer Bike Fitting Services!

Dr. Kevin Storozuk is now a BikeFit Canada Professional Bike Fitter! Proper on-bike positioning allows you to be more comfortable, improve efficiency, perform up to your potential and prevent overuse injuries that can result from poor alignment. You will ride with more confidence which improves safety on the road or trail.

Humans are asymmetrical creatures, yet bicycles and pedal systems are designed symmetrically. This inherent design flaw creates biomechanical challenges to the upper and lower extremities.

Common problems include neck and back pain, “hot spots” in the feet, knee pain, wrist pain and hand numbness.

Shoulder Flex angles
Knee flex angles

Cleat Wedges

Knee position at the top of the pedal stroke is the driver for setting stance width. Since the knee is attached to the foot (and pedal) it has no choice but to follow the foot (at the bottom of the pedal stroke).

Watch this video to see the importance of cleat wedges in proper alignment.

Bikefit diagram of incorrect bike support
Primary Cleat Changes from Bikefit
Bikefit diagram of proper bike fitting adjustments

What We Assess

The goal of BikeFit is a clinical assessment and adjustment of the bike at the contact interfaces: Handlebars, Saddle, and Pedals. There are 5 potential adjustments at the handlebars, 5 at each pedal, and 3 at the saddle.


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